About Us

Apollo Brush is a family business which is operated by the Katkodia family. Mrs Rookshana Katkodia, a person of good standing, is the sole member of the Close Corporation, Mr Fareed Ahmed Katkodia is the head of operations of the Close Cooperation who hails from a trading background with over 25 years experience in different commodities, import, export and also the motor and logistics trade, specializing mainly in finance and procurement. Together with a key associates namely Mr Irshad Moosa, have formed a synergy of ideas, with joint vast experience in a large variety of products, the birth of a broom and brush plant was born.

Apollo brush cc, is situated in Pretoria, Sunderland ridge, specializing in the manufacturing of quality brush ware products. Apollo is trading since 2008 and has successfully developed good working relationships with many wholesale, retail and brush manufacturing companies. Apollo is also fast becoming well represented in the consumables and general household merchandise market.

Our Vision
To be the preferred and foremost suppliers of a comprehensive variety of products within the broom and brush industry, with an excellent service delivery.

Mission Statement
To provide our consumer a product of exceptional quality at the most affordable price tag within our complete operational parameters, resulting in the enhancement of wealth creation for all our stake-holders.

Our Objective
• To provide a widespread range of products that would be of exceptional quality and priced to suit every end user with in all sectors of the market.
• To plan and partner with companies and organizations seeking to contribute to the development of value adding, black-owned and managed companies.
• To create an environment wherein all our stakeholders are well trained and motivated, and take pride in being involved in and with our organisation. Thus developing skills to produce ambassadors for South Africa.
• Above all, to constantly focus on responsible business practice by remaining aware of the environmental, social and economic impact our organisation has.

Our Values
• Passion for service excellence.
• Attention to detail and product quality.
• Respect for and consideration to each stake-holder.
• Energy that drives and motivates.

Why Apollo?
• Our organisation gravitates with integrity, respect, good ethics and professionalism.
• We do not compromise on good service.
• We strive for quality, accuracy and efficiency.
• We provide a high level of personalized service.
• We are perpetually aware of our stake-holders.
• We constantly remember the importance of communicating with our clients, our employees are also aware of the latter as being part and parcel of our culture.
• We build trust and enduring relationships.
• Moreover the management of the business has over 30(thirty years) of experience in the retail and wholesale markets, thus giving them an overall idea of market requirements in terms of price and quality.
• Additional to the above the management is directly involved in the day to day operation of the organisation.